Therapeutic Precision

Conditions We Treat

Addiction/Substance abuse cravings

A targeted approach to reduce the overwhelming urge to use substances by addressing neurological pathways associated with addiction.

Anger management

Techniques designed to modulate neural activity and emotional regulation, helping individuals respond to stressors more calmly.


Interventions aimed at calming hyperactive neural circuits, promoting relaxation, and reducing the frequency and intensity of anxiety symptoms

Attention Deficit Disorder

Strategies to increase focus and concentration by stimulating specific brain regions involved in attention control and executive functioning.

Chronic Pain

Pain management protocols that modulate pain perception and processing in the brain, seeking to lessen chronic pain sensations.


Utilization of TMS to activate brain areas with reduced activity in depression, potentially improving mood and cognitive functions.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Application of therapies to alleviate the psychological impact of traumatic events and mitigate the symptoms of PTSD.

Sleep Disorder

Neurofeedback to address sleep abnormalities, promoting restorative sleep patterns and reducing the symptoms of sleep-related disturbances.

Collaboration with general practitioners, skilled nursing home facilities, wellness centers, and rehabilitation, IOP and sober living facilities